mercredi 25 février 2009

I believe I can fly...

This did not come out well...the shading is badly executed but I don't really care. I'm  tired of wanting things to be clean. I guess this drawing represent the state of mind i'm in.   I'm on break and I'm happy :)  

I'm slowly developing a "selfish"'s good to please others but at some point I need to focus on myself.  I've realised that I give out so much and somehow never thought about my own needs/priorities.  I've got to learn to value my own time.  First step is to "Say No".  

jeudi 5 février 2009


Say hello to my little buddies!

I was tired of working on an architectural project for draw I drew mini characters in order to escape my mind from the assignment.  The liberty of drawing whatever ...what a relief! I'm starting to really enjoy drawing again .  I almost forgot how fun it was.

I usually like the clean outline look but I'm starting to dig the messy/sketchy style. A change can do me good.

dimanche 1 février 2009

The old school revisited

I decided to re-sketch an old character that I did last year. 
 Steve Urkel meets Kanye West.
"A nerd with a big ego"
I could of colored the rest...but i'm lazy. Boo.