jeudi 7 janvier 2010


 A couple of research : Mainly, I was interested in learning about the mechanism of the piano and somehow relate it to how the brain processes emotions. At one point, I even wanted to make a surreal film...there is an abstract part though...dun dun dun!


An outlook on what I've been working on.  My film: KeyNotes.

A preview of Concept/Character Design.

A possible Aesthetic Approach. Think simple and doable!

I'm considering doing a house in 3D. I did a model test, perhaps...a matte painting + camera map. 

mardi 5 janvier 2010

New Year

I haven't been able to  update lately and I feel somewhat rebellious these days.  2010 is here, so i'll make an effort of posting my work in progress. My film will probably be my only priority in the next 3 months. Hooray! My non-social life begins (insert sarcasm). Ok...let's just diverge from this topic.

New Year was different. As I was located somewhere in Montreal, this was the first time that I actually felt frozen.  You would think that it only happens in films but I actually had flashes of moments in my life. I heard the countdown echoing loudly in my head but as soon as it hit one... I was in a bubble. As if my head was in a bottle (use your imagination here), my vision became blurry, and my hearing was enclosed from my current environnement.  *No, I did not intake any illegal substances* well alcohol...that's about it. I froze until someone held an arm around me. It probably lasted 2 seconds in real time. The importance is what I saw in that moment. I won't go into details but I did see many faces. Faces of people in my life.  People come and go but sometimes there are just those that you can't seem to forget or have ignored/never thought of... maybe even taken for granted in the past years.  At that moment, I questioned myself.  I was standing there and all I could think was...I miss them. My sense was awaken, the feeling has caught up with me because I've never allowed myself to feel the seperation.  I don't want to dwell in the past, but I'll take it as a lesson and  will further acknowledge the presence of certain individuals in the future. 

The point is... don't take people for granted. Someday it will haunt you...

So, why is there a picture of "PILATE"!  The theme of this song is accurately how I felt frozen.  Take a listen, it might awaken you inner self. 

*WOW, I posted in the wrong blog at first...hopefully it got erased. How embarassing.*