mercredi 25 mars 2009


Preliminaire sketches. I decided to do a sheep for my stop motion project.  He is a wannabe superhero. I liked the idea of playing around with opposite traits. Instead of being the typical scared sheep... why not make him brave but at the same time silly. His duty is to save a pure innocent flower. 

Making the puppet : The armature is simple, I only used wires and epoxy.  The body and head are made out of Model Magic ( to keep it light ) Finally,  the shoes are made out of Fimo.  The only problem I have with my puppet are the legs,  they are difficult to manipulate and they get wavy. Gaahhh.  Don't worry he will have a little cape :)

Building the set:

Getting into character.

    Little props : Barns made out of paper,  aluminium foils, brochette sticks, ink and acrylic.

Fence : basic materials : wires and tooth picks.

We used Astroturf for our grass. The bushes are done with easter grass product that I bought for 0.75$ at Zeller.  Hooray for easter!

Pure innocent flower it at Dollarama.
A courtesy of Carlo.

I guess that's it for now.  It's incomplete, background canvas and a hill still needs to be done. I'll try to update our progress.