dimanche 4 janvier 2009

"2 crumple"

"My look is more grandmother's leftovers than heroin chic" Alice Glass. 
I love how she described her fashion style.  It got me inspired to do this little piece of drawing. 

2 commentaires:

  1. hmmmm, cool!!!!! J'adore. BUT, the focus is on the shoes. I don't know if you wanted that. They are so cool ...I just want to look at them, I don't care about the body.

    but IT'S JUST ME.

  2. I have chosen a red color so I knew that the emphasis was goin' to be on the shoes. My first instinct was to go with beige so that everything blends in together... but it would be pretty much plain. Je pense que mon style vestimentaire a influence l'image car je porte souvent des "runnings" qui sont flashy.

    I understand what you mean. An image should be able to work as an assemble rather than be focus on a single area.

    I need to work on that @_@ Gosh composition too! hopefully with drawing class this year...it should help me improve.

    Mais merci pour ton commentaire, j'apprécie bcp ton "input".