dimanche 16 août 2009

I killed my "Vans"

So much...for trying.  I had an old pair of checker Vans that were due to be thrown out.  I decided why not recycle it.  I sprayed gesso on the shoes and just doodle with permanent markers. Gosh...I killed it. Everything went pretty much wrong... first the damn "spray can" that clogged every 1 min and then my 2 darn black markers kept dying on me...my patience was "done". This project was due to be doom.

Next time, i'll just buy a pair of white "keds" and some acrylic paint markers!!! Save me from all these problems. 

5 commentaires:

  1. They still look good. You should keep going!

    ...does permanent marker bleed in the rain?

  2. Je les trouve super beaux moi O.O

  3. Moi aussi je les aimes. Si tu ne les mets plus, tu pourrais pousser ton oeuvre plus loin et dessiner dedans tes souliers!

  4. Thanks Chris! I will, it's just I envisionned something else in my head!
    I don't think that it bleeds, it's staedlter permanent marker. But, next time i'll use acylic paint marker.

    Merci Sam :) Ca me bogue car c'est pas mal messy...le prochain sera plus clean.

    Merci Max! Je prendrai en considération ton idée.

  5. Woah, I never saw you wear those... They're so cool, so unique, so you! :) I don't se nothing wrong with them!